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Emcee-poet-artist-social critic, Mowgli is one of this country’s most unique and talented lyricists, describing him as merely a rapper would be misleading to those who are all too familiar with the braggadocio and egotistical narcissism that has swamped the Hip-Hop genre. He has played around the UK and Europe to great success. After many years perfecting his craft, Mowgli has committed his finest material to his debut opus, 93. In doing so, he unleashes his distinctive, unconventional take on Hip-Hop to London, the UK and the rest of the world.

The album has already received ‘Album Of The Month’ in Mixmag, coining his style as ‘Experimental Art-House UK Hip-Hop’, ‘Hip-Hop Album Of The Month’ in Echoes, 9/10 in Tilllate Magazine, who describe him as a ‘bolt-out-of-the-blue revelation’, Q compare his ‘ambitious…elaborate word games and eclectic production’ to the likes of Aesop Rock, and he has featured and is to feature in many other publications such as Straight No Chaser, IDJ, DJ, NME, Shook, Metro, Timeout and others. His contemporaries in the UK scene have described it as one of the most important Hip-Hop albums to come out of this country in years. He has also received worldwide radio plays as far afield as Norway and Canada, including XFM and Ministry Of Sound in the UK.

His live shows incorporate live beat manipulation and electronics, sometimes including musicians, singers, visuals and other diverse ideas, making his versatile future sound as at home in a gallery as it is in a club. Continued collaborations with a wide range of emerging new musicians and artists across different genres will solidify Mowgli as a creative force to be reckoned with.

‘He is someone who must be listened to by any new age hip-hop fan, lyricist, writer, artist or fan of genuine music. Hip-hop and beyond.’