Bobby Brown


Name: Robert “Bobby” Baresford Brown
Birthday date: February 5th, 1969
Birthday place: Roxbury (Boston), USA
Parents: Carole and Herbert Brown
Siblings: 4 sisters (Tina, Lele, Bethy & Carolyn); 2 brothers (Tommy & Derrick)
Children: 2 boys (Landon, Bobby Jr) & 2 girls (Laprincia & Bobbi Kristina)
Marital status: married with Whitney Houston-Brown since July 18th, 1992.

Robert “Bobby” Baresford Brown was born on February 5th, 1969 in Boston, USA. According to his mother, Carole, he was a mischievous child: “One time I was at a friend’s house in the projects and the kids were playing outside. Somebody came to my girlfriend’s house and said, ‘Bobby is in the Dumpster and we can’t wake him up’. I was so scared, I couldn’t run. My legs gave out. I kept thinking he was dead. Well, when I got there, wouldn’t you know it, Bobby jumps rights up. It was all a joke. He was always doing things like that”.

At the age of 11, Bobby was already singing with his friends Michael, Ralph and Ricky (later Ronnie as well). Maurice Star, music impresario, transformed them into the group New Edition.
Bobby released albums ( ) with New Edition (including well-known songs as “Candy Girl”, “Lost In Love”, “Mr Telephone Man” (Bobby was the lead singer for this song) and “Cool It Now”) before leaving and starting a solo career in 1986.

His first solo album, out in 1986, was “King Of Stage” and included songs as “Girlfriend”, “King Of Stage”, “Spending Time”.

In 1988, Fans discovered his new album “Don’t Be Cruel” with 9 songs including “Don’t Be Cruel”, “My Prerogative”, “Every Little Step”, “Roni”.

In 1989, “Dance! …Ya Know It!” was realised. Bobby also sang 2 songs for “Ghostbusters II” soundtrack: “We’re Back” and “On Our Own”. And Bobby started a tour.

Bobby was arrested during his 1989 Tour for lewd conduct onstage. And rumors started. Of the rumors, Bobby told a reporter,”It bothers me. It hurts my mother even more because she raised her child different than everyone is making him out to be.”

After the tour, Bobby went to Atlanta with his son, Landon, and his father, Herbert. Bobby built a recording studio and formed his own record label.

In 1989, Bobby won a Grammy award, an American Music Award, a Soul Train Music award, The People’s choice awards, Performance Magazine’s Entertainer of the Year Reader’s Pool Award, Nickelodeon’s Year-end kids’ Awards and got 8 Boston Music Award Nominations.

At the Soul Train Music Awards, Whitney Houston hit his head!?! They first became friends, then, they felt in love. Bobby told “Los Angeles Times”, “I may be a B-boy and she may be America’s Sweetheart, but it’s love. (…)When it happens, you have to grab it. You can’t let it go, no matter what anybody else thinks”.

In 1992, Whitney & Bobby were on date, parked in an automobile, he pulled a small, unpretendious diamond ring from his vest pocket and handed it to her. She said yes. Bobby took the cheap ring from her hand, put it back in his pocket and gave her a magnificent diamond ring. ” I just wanted to see if you would say yes, even if I didn’t have nothing”, Bobby said.
The ceremony took place in Whitney’s house in Mendham Township (New Jersey) on July 18th, 1992 with hundreds of guests including celebrities as Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Nathalie Cole, Donald Trump,…
Then, they came to Europe for a Mediterranean cruise.
“Bobby” album was release the same year and included a duet with Mrs Brown as well as “Good Enough”, “Humpin’ Around”, “Get Away”,… (a video with the same titled came out the same year).

In 1993, “Remixes In The Key of B” is released. A remixes album with 2 never recording songs (“She’s My Lady” and “I Need You, I want you”) and a live performance of “Storm Away”. “Making of Humpin Around” video is in sale in 1993 too.
Bobby also became a father for the 4th time in March of a little Bobbi Kristina.

In 1995, Bobby appeared on the soundtrack of “Panthers” as well as in the movie.

In 1996, Bobby joined New Edition for a reunion-album. He also toured with them in the USA (not the whole tour). He also appeared on the soundtrack of “The Preacher’s wife” for “Somebody Bigger Than You and I” with Whitney, Faith Evans, Monica, Ralph Tresvant & Johnny Gill.

Bobby filmed a new movie “A thin line between love and hate” with his friend Martin Lawrence (“bad boy”, “Martin”..).

In 1997, Fans discovered “Forever”, Bobby’s new album with uptempo songs as well as romantic songs. According to Bobby, some of the songs were recording in 1992 but he wanted to wait until he was satisfy.

Bobby also toured a lot with his wife Whitney. He tooked the stage during her tours. He even did the opening act with a background singer named…Whitney!
In 2000, Whitney & Bobby took the stage together for a special concert in Las Vegas. And they talked again about a common tour.

2000 is also the year of his “Greatest Hits” with his biggest hits (sometimes in another version than the original) and his song with Glenn Medieros, “She Ain’t Worth It”.