Fatman Scoop


Isaac Freeman III, better known by his stage name Fatman Scoop is an Afroamerican New York City hip hop promoter and radio personality famed for his on-stage rough, loud voice.

He is known for the track “Be Faithful” featuring The Crooklyn Clan which went to number one in the UK and Ireland in late 2003 and top 5 in Australia. The song has been a favorite in clubs around the world for years but it took two years to clear the samples from Jay-Z, Black Sheep, Queen Pen, The Beatnuts and Faith Evans.

On Christmas 2008, he was interviewed on the radio, and told listeners that “we wish you a merry fatman and a happy new scoop.”


Fatman Scoop also has his own sex and relationship show/podcast. All episodes can also be seen on the Man and Wife channel on internet TV network, ONLOQ.com, as well as MTV.. He also appears as himself on the TV series The Boondocks (season 2, episode 5, “The Story of Thugnificent” and episode 15, “The Story of Gangstalicious Part 2”, from the same season).

Fatman Scoop received his stage name after appearing in the Fugees ‘Killing Me Softly’ video as a cinema worker serving popcorn and ice-cream. Lauren was a massive ice-cream fan herself so would shout ‘scoop, scoop, fatman scoop’ when she wanted a tub of her favourite snack. Lauren and Pras also made a spoof version of their most popular song, exchanging the lyrics ‘killing me softly with his song’ for ‘filling my belly with popcorn’. Fatman Scoop was laughing for weeks.