Julez Santana


Oh Boy! Who knew the Harlem born native, LaRon James, now known to his fans as Juelz Santana, would be one of the hottest artists up and coming in the music industry today. Well, Juelz along with Cam’ron, the new Roc-A-fella artist, and the entire Diplomat crew, have been doing their thing for the past year with much success. “Oh Boy”, the first single off of Cam’ron’s third album entitled, “Come Home With Me”, features the versatile flow of Juelz Santana. Juelz is featured all over Cam’ron’s new album as well as the new singles, “Hey Ma” and “Welcome to New York City”, featuring Jay-Z.

Born and raised in Harlem, Juelz was certain to make it big. He has been writing rhymes since he was 12 years old. He first started his rap career with his long time friend, Malik, as a rap duo called “Draft Pick”. “Draft Pick” had several gigs around New York City while performing together, including Amateur Night at the world famous Apollo Theatre, where they won two weeks in a row. Although the group is not together today, the two members still remain good friends. Juelz continued to believe in himself and his unique style, and there was someone else that believed in him also. His cousin, who is good friends with Cam’ron, decided that it was time for Juelz’s unique style to be heard. One day while with Cam, Juelz’s cousin drove through his block and had him rhyme for Cam. By the next week Juelz was in the studio recording a verse for the cut, “Double Up”, off of Cam’ron’s second album, “SDE”. Cam’ron believed in Juelz, and after signing to Roc-A-fella Records himself, Juelz received a deal with Roc-A-fella Diplomat Records. Diplomat Records is Cam’ron’s new record label, where Juelz is the Vice-President.

Since then, it has been nothing but up hill for Juelz. His level of creativity for rhyming has continued to rise over the past year. He has had solo articles in issues of the XXL Magazine, as well as articles with the Diplomats in XXL and Source Magazine. Juelz is also featured on the Diplomats Volume 1 and 2 albums where you can hear cuts from joints off of his up and coming solo album, soon to be released in August 2003.

Now listen to my homeboy Santana: “I’m working hard, putting in my all to produce an album that I’m satisfied with and an album that will satisfy my fans. My album is based on my life, the streets, and a new life. PUT ON YOU SEATBELT. IT’S GONNA BE A LONG RIDE.”