In 1993, hip-hop would be forever changed by the emergence of the gritty, Shaolin style of the seminal rap clique, the Wu-Tang Clan. Straight from the streets of Staten Island , New York , a unique conglomerate of nine individually exceptional lyricists flourished. Fondly referred to as the Wu, RZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, GZA, U-God, Masta Killa, and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, released the epic album Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers. This debut garnered rave reviews because it provided listeners with a fresh approach to hip-hop. Moreover, the Wu set trends in a time when hip-hop’s radio play and sales were championed largely by west coast artists.

Raekwon’s ground breaking debut album helped to bring the flavour of flossing to wax as well as the use of the moniker among Wu brethren and other prominent emcees. The single “Verbal Intercourse” featured the first appearance of Nas Escobar, Nas’ alter ego. Similarly, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah, who served as Rae’s partner in rhyme throughout the entire Cuban Linx album, also developed a slew of other identities. Identities like Lex Diamond, one of the flashy, witty and intellectually stimulating personas of the multifaceted Raekwon.

In the years after the release of Cuban Linx, Raekwon continued to record several albums with the Clan including the platinum Wu-Tang Forver (1997) and The W (2000), as well as the gold Iron Flag (2001). He also starred in the critically acclaimed film Black and White, before releasing his second solo album, Immobilarity in 1999. Four years later, it’s time for another masterpiece from Raekwon.

The Lex Diamond Story, Raekwon’s forthcoming third solo album is that desperately needed effort. This new LP is as much a reflection of his first musical triumph Cuban Linx, as it is a manifestation of the future and what is to come from this great emcee. Raekwon is like the E.F. Hutton of hip-hop: when he speaks, everyone listens. The current void in hip-hop is filled with this rap veteran’s
crafty verbal gymnastics and artistic form of storytelling. The Lex Diamond Story takes the top shelf elements of the Wu’s first album and the finest sentiments of Raekwon’s debut and joins them together to deliver another classic album to the masses.

A lyrical gourmet meal, The Lex Diamond Story shows that The Chef still possesses the recipe to cook up a jambalaya of words with the main ingredient being superior skills. Animated and intense, Raekwon’s stealth delivery is filled with emotion, skilled cadence and an array of diverse stories, hooks, and topics. The track, “All Over Again (The Way We Were)” touches on the flavour of “Can It Be All So Simple” with its tale of street survival. Meanwhile, “Pit Bull Fights” is reminiscent of the ferocious lyrical beating inflicted on “Incarcerated Scarfaces.” Raekwon is indisputably at his creative beast. Unchained and uninhibited, he is assertive with his music and focused on his goals.

In addition to the forthcoming The Lex Diamond Story, Raekwon has an entrepreneurial endeavour boiling called “Ice Water.” Ice Water Inc is the name of his multipurpose business venture and partnership with Randy Spelling (son of TV mogul Aaron Spelling). The company is composed of music, movies, fashion, books and a four-man group named Ice Water. Having already worked with a diverse selection of talented artists including Nas, Jodeci, Mya, the late Big Punisher, Outkast, Mobb Deep and many others, Raekwon is now helping to develop rappers. Polite, Cigzra, Problem Child (PC) and Stumik together form the group Ice Water.

But first, Raekwon plans to deliver his instructional musical dissertation The Lex Diamond Story. The soon to be landmark recording offers a new millennium musical blueprint with just enough seasoning of the old and spice of the new. Get ready for another mountain moving event! Name: Raekwon
Real Name: Corey Woods
Label: N/A

Wu-Tang Clan


Heaven & Hell – 1994 [Promo CD]
Heaven & Hell – 1994 [12″ Single]
Criminology – 1995 [CD Single]
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… – 1995 [Album]
Ice Cream – 1995 [CD Single]
Rainy Dayz – 1996 [Promo CD]
Live From New York – 1999 [Promo CD]
Live From New York – 1999 [12″ Single]
Immobilarity – 1999 [Album]
Yae Yo – 1999 [12″ Single]
Smith Brothers – 2003 [12″ Single]
The Hood – 2003 [Promo CD]
The Lex Diamond Story – 2003 [Album]
You Don’t Know My Name (Remix) – 2004 [Promo 12″]
Cutting It Up – 2004 [Promo 12″]
Planet Of The Apes – 2004 [12″ Single]
Planet Of The Apes – 2004 [Promo CD]

Wild Out (2003)

The Hood (2003)
• ft. Tiffany Villareal
Smith Bros. (2003)

Big Spender (2003)

Ice Cream Pt. 2 (Mixtape) (2003)
• ft. Method Man, Cappadonna
New Day (Mixtape) (2003)
• ft. Ice Water, Inc.
Who Would Have Thought (Mixtape) (2003)

Weed (2003)

Training Camp (Freestyle) (Mixtape) (2003)

Pablow (Mixtape) (2003)

Marvin (Snippet) (Mixtape) (2003)

It’s Hard To Tell (Freestyle) (Mixtape) (2003)

In Da Club (Freestyle) (Mixtape) (2003)
• ft. Ice Water, Inc.
Ice Water, Inc. (Freestyle) (Mixtape) (2003)

Get Around That (2003)

Da Lexclusive (Mixtape) (2003)

Cuttin’ It Up (Mixtape) (2003)
• ft. Killa Sin, Ghostface Killah, Chip Banks, Polite
Clientele Kids (Mixtape) (2003)
• ft. Fat Joe, Ghostface Killah
All This Money (Mixtape) (2003)
• ft. Havoc
All Over Again (Mixtape) (2003)

Straight Out The Gutter (2003)

Clientele Kids (Remix) (Mixtape) (2003)
• ft. Fat Joe, Ghostface Killah
The Untouchables (Mixtape) (2003)
• ft. Prodigy (Mobb Deep)
You Don’t Know My Name (Remix) (2004)
• ft. Alicia Keys, Polite
Spit Fire (Mixtape) (2004)

Freestyle (Run) (Mixtape) (2004)

What’s Fuckin’ Wit’ Us (2004)

Live From Park Hill (Mixtape) (2004)

New York (2005)
• ft. AZ, Ghostface • Album AZ – A.W.O.L. 2005
Apple Jax (2005)

Untitled (2005)
• ft. Ill Bill • Producer Scram Jones • Album Weed v Coke mixtape coming soon
Thousands to Ms (2005)
• ft. ILL BILL & Skam 2 • Album Raekwon & Ill Bill album coming soon…